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I do hereby solemnly and sincerely declare that:

  1. I will always keep confidential and never divulge, save in accordance with the law, or the rules, any of the affairs of Blood Bikes East or of its members or officers that may come to my knowledge; including to any other blood bike groups or any present or past members or volunteers of Blood Bikes East.

  2. I confirm that this agreement covers: discussions in a closed forum (such as volunteers meetings), BBE closed and specific chat forums (such as viber), emails sent to you by an officer of BBE (from a BBE Email address), private conversations, and any other form of official communication to you.

  3. I will never record conversations or meetings unless I have sought, and received, the agreement of those attending/speaking.

  4. I will never do or say anything likely to injure Blood Bikes East;

  5. I will endeavour to make myself acquainted with the law in relation to Blood Bike East and the rules of Blood Bikes East;

  6. I will make known without delay to the board of directors or to the committee any fraud or irregularity against Blood Bikes East;

I accept that breach of these rules may result in sanctions, up to and including expulsion from Blood Bikes East.

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