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Meet the Team

Jack Gerry and Feilim at Howth.jpeg
Three Of Our Volunteers
At Howth Harbour
Some Of Our Volunteers Fundraising
Blood Bikes East is fortunate to have a large team of nearly 150 volunteers who make themselves available for shifts on a rota basis, all year round.
Blood Bikes East is run by an elected Committee. They are:
BBE Chairperson
  • Felim Mac Críosta

The chair oversees the overall functioning of the group and liaises with the other Blood Bike groups across Ireland and the U.K.

Feilim took over the Chair role in 2019, being the fourth person to hold the office after Brendan Conroy, Patrick Crawford and BBE founder Pat McCabe

BBE Secretary / Administration
  • Anne McPartland

Anne manages all aspects of administration related to recruitment of new volunteers and the day-to-day aspects of Blood Bikes East.

BBE Controllers
  • Una Kelly
  • Anne McPartland
  • Zsé Varga
  • Moira Donohoe
  • Feilim Mac Críosta
  • Zak Jenciragic
  • Frank O'Kennedy (Donor Milk Controller)
  • Graham Hastings (Overflow Controller)

The BBE Controllers operate on a week-on basis in rotation. When manning the controller phone they are ready to take calls any time day and night and to then inform the relevant duty riders of the pick-up and delivery details. Due to the regular nature of the calls, the controllers often have to sleep on sofas or spare rooms so as no to disturb their families.

Garda Vetting

  • Aidan Collins
  • Niall Smyth

Finance & Accounting
  • David Mulligan – Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for all aspects of accounting and financial controls.

  • Jim Finn

Responsible for organising and managing the general fundraising activities for the group.

BBE Committee
  • Feilim Mac Críosta – Chair
  • Anne McPartland – Secretary
  • David Mulligan – Chief Financial Officer
  • Stanley Faulkner – Fleet Manager
  • Daryn Hughes – IT Manager
  • Jim Finn – Fundraising Manager
  • Una Kelly – Controller Manager
  • Aidan Collins – Communications Manager
  • Fergus O'Carroll – Hospital Liaison


The committee meets every 2-4 weeks to discuss key matters and prepare for future requirements. Additional but more informal discussions between committee members and the whole committee take place by telephone and using modern apps, such as Viber and Zoom.

Roster Manager
  • Una Kelly

The roster manager coordinates the requests for shifts and ensures that all shifts are filled to ensure 100% continuity of service.

Familiarisation and Mentoring
  • Stanley Faulkner
  • John McPartland
  • Brendan Keating

As we get busier, handling more calls from more hospitals, we need to bring new volunteers on-stream. We set up the familiarisation & mentoring  team to ensure that new volunteers received adequate training to carry out their duties professionally and efficiently, while meeting our rigorous standards.


Another key element of this team is in assisting riders to gain the coveted RoSPA certification for advanced riding.

Social Media Team

  • Oisín Wallace

  • Denis O'Sullivan

  • Zak Jenciragic

  • Fergus O'Carroll

  • Andreina Gonzalez

  • Declan McMullen

Designated Child Protection Liaison 

  • Aidan Collins

Our sincere thanks go to every member of the Blood Bikes East family and especially those who give extra to make it all happen. Finally, we must thank the partners and children of our volunteers, who forego significant time with them in order that they may give to others.

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